One super way to make space in the dining room with a floating shelf.

Don’t have a big, bulky buffet in your dining room? Don’t have room for a big bulky buffet? Hang a floating shelf, at least 4 feet long. This can be used to hold a stack of dinnerware for your guests as well as food, buffet style.

Another shelf above the buffet shelf can store extra dishes and glassware.

(Be sure to check the shelf’s maximum weight capacity or you’ll have a VERY memorable dinner party!)

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  1. Hola Karen,
    The website above is my brother’s. I love your new Livin’ on the Skinny. CONGRATULATIONS.
    I wish you the best of luck.

    • I must not have found one at the time I published this article. I will definitely include photos when I write about the many other things I use floating shelves for in the home. Karen

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