Three ways to enjoy college football season in the U.S. without spending alot of money…

College football is a big deal – especially in the southern part of the U.S.
It can also be a pricey venture.

Game tickets, parking, food for tailgaiting, an outfit to show your school spirit… all add up.
College football There are ways to enjoy your favorite college football team without breaking the bank:

1. Have a tailgate party with friends and watch the game on TV outside the stadium instead of buying tickets to sit inside the stadium.
Tailgating can be alot of fun all by itself. Lots of happy folks socializing and eating around a common event. Each person usually bring a dish of food or snack to share so there’s no burden on one person to provide the whole meal.
2. Make friends with a neighbor who gets the TV channel you need.
Get yourself invited over for game night and take your best dip.
3. Watch the game at a local sports restaurant or cigar bar.

The only down side to this option is the cigar or cigarette smoke.
And sports restaurants can be quite noisy.
Do you watch football games at home {or soccer or baseball or cricket}?


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