5 ways to simplify your Christmas decorations.

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One chilly night during the Christmas season, The Hubster and I drove through our neighborhood in awe of all the tiny white lights covering homes to our left and to our right.

As we rounded the corner, there sat our house ..totally bereft of any lights at all. 

For years I had “suggested” that we put just a few lights on our house. At that moment, reality hit me hard. I said to The Hubster, “We’re not EVER going to have lights on our house, are we?”

His answer was honest, straightforward and 20 years in the making.

His answer was “no.”


Well then! Once we got that out of the way, I no longer yearned for tiny white lights all over my house. I was content to be the only house on the block that sat in pitch black darkness amidst a twinkling Christmas wonderland.

We had officially simplified our decorations.. saving The Hubster alot of time and me alot of anxiety.

Holiday Ball

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Get radical!

Best piece of advice I can offer is to just get rid of at least half of your decorations.  

You’ll save time unpacking them, putting them up , taking them down, maintaining them, dusting them, storing them. Just think what you can do with all that newfound time!

Not sure what to keep? Here’s a guide if you want to go radically simple! 

  1. One wreath on the front door {only}
  2. One Nativity Scene
  3. ONE Santa {if you must!}
  4. If you must have a Christmas collection…have ONLY one 
  5. Make your tree ornaments really count

    Donate extra lights and wreaths to homes for the mentally challenged, mentally ill or elderly. They will be delighted!

    Wreath of Rowan berries (Sorbus aucuparia)

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  1. I have also decided not to do this any longer. The kids are grown, for the most part and I am happy to enjoy my “hubster” too. Did all the years of 2 day decorating duty, So yes, I am also done. Enjoy the holidays everyone, and remember to enjoy what is really important to us.

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