Make your Christmas ornaments count!

red christmas tree ornaments

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Get double the impact from your Christmas ornaments.

After the birth of each child in our family we purchased an ornament each year that represented some facet of their year or part of their personality.

  • birth
  • soccer team
  • favorite pet
  • favorite cartoon character 
christmas 2007

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You get the idea. The possibilities are endless!
Every year, we’ve enjoy reliving the memories through those ornaments.

I also tried to buy or make ornaments that weren’t breakable so our kids could enjoy them as young children as much as we did.


Image by Tathi Sobroza via Flickr

Then, when your children are grown and each child starts their own family…give them their ornaments in a sturdy divided box. 

Voila! They have ornaments for their Christmas tree and you just uncluttered..


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