Oh No!!! It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!

happy christmas everybody!

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I strolled into my favorite craft store and was bowled over by the aisles and aisles AND AISLES of Christmas decorations. For a moment, I thought I had the date wrong…by weeks!

I know. This is nothing new. 

But the enormous number of decorations got me thinking about how complicated Christmas has become and how to make it simpler and more fun..like it used to be.

(Remember? When we were 6 yrs old.)

merry christmas

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What are the benefits of a  simple Holiday Celebration?

  • You won’t dread the upcoming season
  • You might actually enjoy yourself during the celebration
  • Those around you will feel more relaxed
    (maybe it’s the absence of a crazed look on your face)
  • You can focus more on the reason for the celebration and less on your
    to-do list

{Let me pause and say that I know many readers L-O-V-E Christmas in particular with all the glitter and glitz. You are the ones who own 50 large stuffed Santas and tiny white lights that coverevery square inch of your house (like in that movie Christmas Vacation).}

{If that’s your chosen path and you do it willingly (not for family or neighbors) and it brings you joy…that’s fine.}

You folks can stop reading here. The rest of you…continue.

Livin on the Skinny will be providing life rafts for those who are swept up each year by a flood of: 

  • decorations 
  • celebrations
  • cooking 

Do you want a simpler Christmas or are you stringing Christmas lights all over your roof, even as we speak?

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