How to eat out healthy {or try!}

My girlfriend and I headed to a local Greek restaurant to make a little video on how you can eat healthy when eating out.

  • First rule: Pick a restaurant with lots of healthy choices. (This one fits the bill.)
  • Second rule: Actually pick one of those healthy choices. (You can’t go to a healthy-choice restaurant and order the Tiramisu – don’t think I haven’t done it!)
  • Third rule: Well, watch the video. You’ll actually see the 3rd rule as we learned it. 

{At 2 minutes, 47 seconds, it’s longer than most of my videos.
But it’s entertaining and there’s a bit of a surpise near the end for the diners-us}

Did you catch the third rule? Ask lots of questions! 
Even when you think you are ordering healthy choices, you may not be getting healthy choices. 

Do you eat out alot? Do you try to make healthy choices when you do eat out or or this your spurge time? 

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