Need more drawer space in your kitchen?

Here’s one tiny solution that will free up your entire silverware drawer but only take up a few inches of countertop space.

A silverware caddy.
Love my new caddy! I chose this one from Target. Reasonably priced, sturdy and it got high ratings from other shoppers. Oh, and it’s designed by Thomas O’Brien. He designs lots of neat stuff for Target. I love his sense of style.

Mostly, this caddy has slots for my knives, forks, spoons and serving utensils. 

You can find all sorts of caddies. Target has one in chrome, ceramic or wood.

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{I guess I should tell you that I’m not getting a penny from Target for this hearty endorsement of their products. If you know anyone at Target’s corporate headquarters…put in a good word for me!}

With my silverware in a caddy, I now have a whole drawer to devote to all those other kitchen tools. AND, the drawer has a neat, sparse appearance. (Before, my tools were all in one big jumble.)

I can see what I own now! Need more drawer space in your kitchen? Get yourself a silverware caddy!

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