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Your big wedding day can teach you alot about your big life. - Livin' on the SkinnyLivin' on the Skinny

Your big wedding day can teach you alot about your big life.

Article by guest writer Natalie Mullis of The No Nonsense Professional and
Key Changes Music Therapy Services.

{How one young bride had a skinny wedding, saved a bundle of cash and gained tools to use in her daily life.}

The ‘average’ wedding in the U.S. costs over $26,000.
I didn’t spend $26,000 in one day when we bought our house!

I spent only $5,000 on my happy day.
So how did I skinny down my wedding?

I used four easy tools that served two purposes: 

  1. Allowed me have my beautiful wedding day AND…
  2. Drastically impacted my daily financial life

Here’s how…

#1 Prioritize. 

This is the most important, most effective tool I used to plan my wedding. 

-I made a list of all of those “things” that go into creating a wedding, circled the top three, then numbered the rest in decreasing importance. 

-These were my top three: photographer, food, dress
How did this impact my daily financial life?

I have picked my top three financial priorities now:
Living expenses, cell phone, craft supplies. 


#2 Budget

After making that priority list, I attached the maximum amount I would spend on each item. 

I allotted around $6,000 for the entire wedding. 

What did my top three list look like?
Photographer- $1,500
Food- $1,500
Dress- $800

What do my top three financial priorities look like now?
Living Expenses:
{Mortgage + utilities (yeah, it’s month to month) + $400 a month groceries}
Cell Phone $140
Craft Supplies $50


#3 Do It Yourself. 

You don’t have to be Martha for this one. There are a lot of things you can DIY without burning your hand on hot glue. 

  • Skip the Party Rental company. 
  • Rent tables and tablecloths from a shop whose main business isn’t wedding rentals (lawnmower rental people..hello!).
  • Use things from around the house (and family’s house) for your centerpieces. Go dig up rocks at the river.
  • (Exception: I was bound and determined to DIY my flowers. I was going to order them wholesale and just have bundles. As plans started to come together for the rehearsal, set up, etc, I realized it’d never get it done. At that point I contacted a professional florist and worked out a deal. I reused several flower arrangements from the ceremony in the reception. Get creative!!)

 How does this impact my daily financial life?

-In married life, my husband and I find ways to avoid paying someone to do odd jobs at all costs. 

-We borrow tools from friends to do jobs around the house.

-We utilize family and friends when able.

-We research on the internet a LOT. 


#4 Come Back To It Later. 

There were a few things that I thought I absolutely had to have for my wedding to be a success. Turns out that some of those things never made it to the wedding day (Hello, DJ anyone?). 

I revisited the second portion of my priorities list and marked many things off entirely. 

-I didn’t need a DJ. I had an amazing Ipod, helpful friends, and most of them aren’t dancers anyway. 

-I didn’t need a get-away car. In fact, we were among the last to leave.
-I didn’t need a bartender, we were a “pour-your-own” kind of crowd. 

How did this tool impact my daily financial life?

Now, when I feel the pull of heartstrings towards an impulse buy, I write it down and get the heck out of dodge. I come back to it the next day (or week) and decide if I really need it. I’m not perfect. I still buy on impulse sometimes.

Your Big Day can teach you a lot about Your Big Life. 

It is one day…a wonderful day…but it’s only one day. 

Pick the things that matter most to invest in. If you try to do it all, the memories will be a blur.

Natalie Mullis is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who blogs about music therapy at www.keychangesmusictherapy.com and
how to be a successful young professional at www.nononsenseprofessional.com.


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  1. Please help me when my Diva decides to make this happen. I will be on your doorstep begging for all your help and assistance. Thank you for a great site for all kinds of help.

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