You don’t have to spend a bundle on your wedding day makeup.

The wedding day is a super special day for all! Especially the bride…

Even if you know how to do your own makeup you may want to have a makeup artist do it for you on your wedding day for three reasons:

  1. You will be nervous & excited and might forget where your eyes are located on your face.
  2. A makeup artist is trained to apply makeup that looks great in that expensive wedding photography.
  3. A makeup artist has a variety of colors she can try on your face before the Big Day.

But this is Livin on the Skinny. We talk about “spending less.” Who has money for a makeup artist, right?

Never fear, I have a solution for you. Simply hire a student from a cosmetology school. Try out 2 or 3 folks first to find someone that has the expertise you are looking for… and the personality. {Do you want to be face to face with ‘Non-Stop Talking Sally’ on your Big Day?}

Then, when you’ve made your final choice, have that person do your wedding day makeup several weeks before the big event – a trial run. Together you can settle on the look you want.

A good makeup artist {even an amateur} will note your color choices on a card…so there’s no guesswork the day of the wedding.

A good makeup artist has all the necessary tools.

You can relax, knowing you aren’t spending a fortune on your face.
{Even though you’d be worth every penny!}

Here’s what a great makeup artist can do!



The Final Product in Professional Photography 

So, how much should you pay your amateur makeup artist?
1. Start by asking what she/he charges.
2. Offer a nice gift after the practice session and wedding makeup session.
3. Offer a small amount of cash in an envelope with a special note of thanks.


Did you do your own wedding makeup or hire a student, friend or professional? How’d it go? 


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