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How to create a simple, unique guestbook for your wedding {cheap too!} - Livin' on the SkinnyLivin' on the Skinny

How to create a simple, unique guestbook for your wedding {cheap too!}

Photo by Klinh/EvelynGrace Photography

I love this idea! Try this eye-catching Tree of Love “guestbook” at the entrance to the reception hall. Inexpensive to make and doesn’t take much time.

This type of “guestbook” will be used by people closer to you who want to take time to leave a thoughtful note.

Photo by Klinh/EvelynGrace Photography

It’s a good idea to have a helper stationed at your tree to remind folks that they can leave a note for you. Also good to have a nice printed or handwritten sign drawing attention to your “guestbook.” This one says “Leave love..” I’ll tell you about the favors this bride chose in another article…


Image by netzanette via Flickr

At the wedding you will probably want to have a traditional guestbook for folks that are in a hurry to take their seat and merely want to sign their name. No need to spend alot. You can find one at Hobby Lobby online for only $9.99. Designate a helper to move that guest register to the reception hall after your ceremony (for those folks who skip the ceremony and head straight to food and dancing…)

I’m not kidding! This really happens!

Home of Benjamin Harrison, 23rd president of t...

(Image via Wikipedia)

When the day is over, use your Tree of Love “guestbook” as a centerpiece in your newly wedded home. Let it remind you of all the people that love you (as a couple) and want the best for you! If that’s your newly wedded home (above), why are you reading about how to save money??? (Actually, that is the former home of Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States.) 

When you’re ready, move the leaves to a scrapbook. You can either use scrapbooking tape or tuck the leaves into a pocket or two. These pockets are great! They can be stuck right into a scrapbook or used to hold momentos by themselves (if you’re just not into scrapbooking.)

Here’s the ingredients list for your Tree of Love guest register:

Bare branches, about 3 feet tall
Smooth black rocks
Silver permanent marker, medium tip
Green craft paper, acid-free
1/4 inch satin ribbon, cream colored
Small basket
12 inch tall narrow cylinder glass vase 


Here’s how to put your Tree of Love together: 

  1. Place black rocks in the vase to fill it about halfway.
  2. Insert branches into the rocks.
  3. Cut out enough green leaves for your guests
  4. Use a cardboard template to make them the same size
  5. Use a holepunch near the end of each leaf to make a hole for the ribbon.
  6. Thread a 4 1/2″ piece of ribbon through each hole and tie the ends in a knot.
  7. Pile the leaves in a nice basket beside your bare Tree of Love.

Provide pens and let your guests do the rest!
Photo by Livin on the Skinny

Have you done anything special and unique for a guestbook at a wedding , shower or other event?



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