Avoid the “potholes” of Christmas by planning early!

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{Note from the writer….me: This article was due to be published MUCH earlier. Don’t ask! Hence, the next sentence where it says ‘It’s so early!’
I still think there’s time to avoid the potholes of the Christmas season.
Next year, read this in October.}

I hear you asking . . .
”Why should I think about Christmas or
the holiday season now?
 It’s so early!” 

  • Your head is clear now
  • You’re not being pulled around by the emotions of the season
  • You can get ‘buy in’ from family members if you start early (maybe)
  • Planning now allows plenty of time for new ideas to sink in with said family members (change is hard for some folks)
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By starting a little early, you can prepare and travel through this season in simplicity avoiding the potholes along the way.

What are the big potholes?

-weight gain

-family drama

-too much “rush-rush”

-money ( or the lack of)

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Watch for other articles & mini-tips for 5 ways to fill the potholes
and simplify your holidays:

  1. How to simplify decorations 
  2. How to simplify celebrations
  3. How to simplify the food & cooking
  4. How to make more time to enjoy family & friends
  5. How to have a radical Christmas one year (or every year!)

This is a great time to offer your own ideas to other Livin on the Skinny readers.
After all…I don’t have all the answers (or so The Hubster tells me).


What have you done to avoid the “potholes” of Christmas?


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year!

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