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“Gift Away” one item a day. - Livin' on the SkinnyLivin' on the Skinny

“Gift Away” one item a day.

{The following post was written by contributer Kay Spencer. More about her below!}

I made a promise to myself as I drove home from 3 weeks of emptying my parent’s house of 50 years, full of 50 years of stuff.

“I am going to Gift Away (give away) or throw away one item a day.” 



Clutter makes me sad.

It overwhelms my day.

It steals my time because I cannot quickly find things.

It steals my money. If I need an item  NOW, I have to buy another one.

English: A handyman project was to de-clutter ...

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 How do I find one item EVERY day?

1. If a catalog arrives in the mail and you don’t need to order anything, throw it away!

They will send you another one. I promise.

2. If it falls out of the cupboard and you can’t remember when you used it last, “gift away” to a charity. If you are not sure you need it, put it in a prominent place for a week.
Then…if you cannot remember what it goes to…put it in THE BOX.


I keep THE BOX in my garage. I can hit it by just opening the door and pitching an item in. It’s kind of fun and satisfying – just the act of throwing something and hitting the box! This is where I toss my gift away items.

3. Putting away laundry? Is it stained? Too Small? Too faded? Or just Ugly?
Make sure you find one item in the closet or chest of drawers to gift away or throw away. 

After 3 months of doing this, it took me only 20 minutes to totally clean out and fold a six drawer dresser. What a happy feeling of accomplishment and success!

(Oh yeah, I hit the box again! I am improving my shot!)


4. Do I really need to dust this thing again? Is it precious? From a beloved family member or… a trip I really want to forget?
If it’s precious and makes you happy leave it out. Or stash it in a treasure box in the attic where you can look at it once or twice a year. 

Or, if it’s not so precious…THE BOX!


Decluttering is too big a task to do all at once. 

I can do this one little step daily…Gift away one item….and still have the feelings of happiness, satisfaction and accomplishment that come with decluttering.

Have you ever tried gifting away or throwing away one item each day?


Guest writer, and friend of Livin on the Skinny,
Kay A. Spencer is a 
mom of 2 and part of the “Sandwich Generation.” She lives in a 3 generation household with a labradoodle (as well as her family). She loves organic gardening and is  starting a blog on integrative health in 2012. On top of all this, she has worked in hospital nursing as a floating nurse covering just about every department. 


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