Week One: It’s 2012 . . .you are starting with a clean slate!

As one reader said, I hope you “ate all the goodies to make room for all the fruit and veggies.“

Are you ready to begin your journey to organize your entire life in 52 weeks {more or less}?

  1. Any journey has stops and starts, bumps and detours.
  2. DO NOT get discouraged! If you get stuck in the mud along the way, get out of your car and walk. (There’s always another way to do things.)
  3. If you’re REALLY stuck, email me…I’ll try to help.
  4. I’ll pull you out of the mud.
    Then…just start walking again.
    Don’t fret about the past!
  5. If I can’t respond to your email one on one, I’’ll write about your issue in a future article. Chances are. . . you are not alone.

For newsletter readers only, I will try to answer your individual questions. If I am overwhelmed with questions, I’ll answer them in a future article.
Email me!

Be forewarned, when I get famous, all bets are off ! 


W A R N I N G !

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DO NOT wear flip flops on this journey! You will need rugged hiking boots. This is not a journey on which one wears a tiara. And you’ll have to get out of that bathrobe!

You are gonna get down and dirty at times.

If you happen to get a stomach bug during the year, keep a sturdy paper bag nearby and forget about your journey for a few days – until you no longer need that bag.

Let things go. No guilt.

When you’re feeling better…start back again. No worries!


Is your life going the way you had hoped?
Are you living your dream and wearing your passion?

  • Or is clutter and disorganization getting in the way of your dreams? Do you have too much doggone stuff in your life to live your dreams and passion?
  • Have you overspent on eating out & now you’re paying the price (literally, the high interest rate on a credit card).
  • Do you feel stuck by tiny rooms with barely enough space to move around? 
  • Or are YOU too big to move around in your space? Have the Twinkies gotten the best of you, literally? 
  • Maybe you’re not looking to lose weight in 2012 but your energy isn’t what it needs to be to accomplish your dreams. Do you need fresh ideas on how to eat healthy to feel better? 

I will be on this journey with you.
I know the relief of living with less in my life.

I am still on a journey to organize and declutter my life by living with less stuff, less space, less spending and less weight.

To whet your appetite, I’ve included articles from the Livin on the Skinny archives about living with less stuff, less spending, less space & less weight. . .

These ARE NOT part of the 52 week plan! 

Next week {maybe sooner}…you’ll get your first assignment.


Less stuff.
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 

Less weight.
How to eat out healthy {or try!}


So put those hiking boots on and

pack for the journey of a lifetime !

Life will never be the same!

Yours for the Journey! Karen


Before I go…any fears about starting this journey to organize and declutter your entire life?

{post them here..you may be speaking for someone else}


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  1. Did you see me?? I am in my bathrobe!!
    But I am so ready for the weighing less part of this. I have hypo thyroid issues.. So my metabolism is nill, maybe someone else out there can share ideas about re starting my metabolism.
    I think I may not be eating enough some days and eating the wrong things on other days. Some days I let depression get to me and I have a momentary pity party but for the most part I am a positive person and have a lot to be thankful for.
    Looking forward to working together!

    • Janet, Thanks for your comment! Yes, I saw you in your bathrobe!! Ha!
      You are absolutely not alone in the weight loss arena. I’ve been talking with a friend who has hypothyroidism also. I don’t claim to be an expert on weight loss. I’ve lost a few pounds and have a few more to go. I have done alot of research and plan to continue that study through this journey. I so appreciate you sharing your own struggle with us here. Have you read my story on the website? My own personal experience has been that decluttering led to weight loss. I think it’s time to clean out a closet!

  2. I’m in my bathrobe and slippers sitting on a pile of junk so thick I can’t see the floor, eating BonBon and looking at my overdue bills. I am so ready for this journey!!

  3. Hi Karen
    I am committing to you for this year. I desperately need to get my act together. I live in a tip, my mind’s a tip. I have bipolar disorder and had a major breakdown in 2010 and am still not working apart from the odd writing piece at home. I know that with a clutter free home you get rid of lots of mind clutter. I also weigh 16 stone which is nearly double the weight I should be (9stone 7 pounds). I will be pleased with any progress I can make but need someone behind me to kick me on the butt occasionally.

    • Great Ann! Glad to have you along…feel free to give your thoughts on any article. You never know who you might be helping. Thanks! Karen

  4. Hi Karen I am a positive, motivated person but a #1 procrastinator I will be moving back to my hometown by the end of this month. Geting rid of a lot of clutter at this moment. However somewhat deppress due to a wrong business decision and not doing very well… bills piling and 4 children to worry about…need some of your advice and so ready for a simply, less, light way of life….thanks for your page…;-) Klaudya

    • Klaudya,
      I am so touched by your comment and your situation. I know you speak for many people who are overwhelmed and depressed. I am not a doctor, but I always encourage folks with depression to see their doctor. Sometimes you need a little help to get you through a rough spot. In the meantime, until we get rolling, continue getting rid of clutter. On days when you can’t do much…throw away or give away ONE thing. You’ll have a feeling of accomplishment. Hang in there and I’ll be praying for you…

  5. Knowing that I need to declutter and actually being ABLE to identify what I can get rid are two very different things for me. I’m not a hoarder but am fearful of throwing away something I will need later… I am willing to give this a shot, tho, because I really need to do this!

    • Glad to have you along Gail! That’s a touchy subject for alot of folks…”I might need it someday.” We’ll cover that. And you will feel so much lighter once you have gotten rid of a few things! Karen

  6. I NEED to get started. All of this junk, clutter,chaos, and unorganization is making me nuts!! I was putting away laundry the other night and realized ‘who really needs 32 pair of socks’ do we only do laundry every 32 days…. Of course not!!! What to do???

    • Tina, You’ve really hit on something! I suppose we could own ONE pair of socks and do the was every day! Karen

  7. I just turned 62, my life is chaos, I have 1 room that is in order, work part time and need the time and energy to put my life back in order. I have high blood pressure and am diabetic and just plain tired. HELP

    • Alexis, Thank you for your feedback…help is on the way. All the wonderful comments I’m getting are helping me know what to emphasize first. So, thank you. On a side note, keep that sugar under control and everything else you have to do will be soooo much easier! I promise. Karen

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