Lori {a reader} shares her story of living with less!

SHARE YOUR STORY We thought at our age (empty nesters!) we would downsize like a lot of people are doing these days but, after wanting an older, historic home for many years, we bought the one in town that we had our eyes on for over 20 years!

We no longer need 2 vehicles! What a difference! We can walk everywhere!
We don’t have a yard to mow nor a pool to clean!
Although…we do have more rooms, so we hired a cleaning lady!
These lovely, historic towns need people who will move in & take care of the older homes instead of chopping them up into apartments!
We love walking to the library, church, theater, college campus, shopping, park, restaurants, etc. Wish we’d moved into town years ago!
in Pennsylvania
{Thanks Lori! ~Karen}

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