Mini-tip: One simple way to declutter your space.

Hang a plastic grocery bag on every doorknob in your home.
As you come across items you can part with…plop them in the bag.
At the end of week take all the bags to Goodwill or a local charity. 

Why hang a bag on each doorknob?

  • That bag is visible and is practically calling your name.
  • By having a bag hanging and ready, it’s a little easier to “give it away.”
  • It creates less clutter to have a bag off the floor as supposed to a box on the floor.

Once a week, grab all the bags and toss them in your car trunk.
Out of sight, out of mind. You’ll be less likely to grab something out of the bag and add it back to your already cluttered home.

If you cannot stand the sight of plastic grocery bags hanging all over your home or you don’t use them…now’s the time to bring out all those canvas bags you get for free at vendor fairs and in the workplace.
Hang one on each doorknob, empty them at Goodwill and bring them back home for a  refill.

What a feeling of accomplishment – ridding your space of even just a few things a day!

Is this a mini-tip you will try?


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