Week Two: Dream of what you want your life to look like.

Dream about life! It’s Week 2 of your Journey and I know you’re anxious to get started.

Some of you are “jumping the gun.”

I want you to put down the salad greens, stop throwing out your junk, set the bills aside for a moment and pay attention.  

This the most important part of your journey! 


Dream what you want your life to look like…
in the four Livin on the Skinny areas:
Less Stuff, Less Space, Less Spending, Less Weight.
Ok, so some of you are disappointed because you signed up for this 52 week journey to get your life organized, you’re all excited, you’re all motivated and THIS is the first Life Tip? DREAM???

YES! This is the first Life Tip because this is the
of organizing your life.

Dreaming will help you SEE where you want to go.

-With any journey, you spend time dreaming about where you’d like to go. 

-Then, you begin making plans & lists for your journey. 

-You make a specific list of which clothes to pack, how much money to take, etc. 

-You have a roadmap to follow or, these days, a GPS…to keep you on track.

Prepare for the journey to organize your life by dreaming.
Why? If you dont prepare, it will all come tumbling down.

Take some time, slow down, be still and just… dream.
Thinking can limit your ideas. Dreaming has no limits.

Dream examples.

~ Dream about how you want your home to look AND how you want to use each space….each room, closet, nook & cranny. 

~ Dream about what kind of activities you want to see (i.e. family games in the family room instead of tripping over piles of clothes!)

~ Dream of how YOU want your body to look {be realistic}. What activities do you want to be able to do? Sit in an airline seat without the seatbelt extender? Shop for clothes at the cute girls’/guys’ stores?

~ Dream of how you see yourself eating  and moving {I don’t like the word ‘excercise’} in a way that gets you to your goals. Do you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure OR want to prevent these? Do you want better endurance? Picture yourself climbing a set of stairs and not being breathless…or, maybe, climbing a mountain?

~ Dream of sitting down to eat dinner 5 nights a week at your dining room table instead of a restaurant or fast food joint.

~ Dream of having your spending under control. How do you see yourself at the mall. Do you even SEE yourself at the mall?

~ Dream of how you’ll feel in each scenario. Relieved. Confident. At peace.

When you dream, see it in your mind’s eye.
Actually close your eyes and see each space, each area of life…as you WANT it to be.

{The big word for this is “visualization.”}


What change do you see in one area of your life this year?


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