But I might need it someday!

This is the lament of every clutterbug.

Clutterbugs love to “organize”! {I know, I am one.} But, when it’s time to actually get rid of something – a precious piece of their junk – they are often heard to utter this exact phrase the world over. From the unclothed natives deep in the jungles of South America to the wealthiest socialite in Manhattan, the utterance is always the same, “But I might need it someday!”

To this I have one reply. Really? REALLY??

I bet you won’t need it. I bet you’ll forget all about it.

On the very remote chance that you actually WILL need “it” someday, you can buy another one!

So close your eyes & hold your breath and toss that precious piece of junk into the give away box or the trash can!


Have you ever heard yourself say these same words?
Any tips for how you overcame the “I might need it ” bug?

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