Why include my photography in a blog on organizing life?

I am not a professional photographer.
I just love seeing things through the camera lens.

So what? Why do I share these images of my Gerber Daisies with you here and in the Livin on the Skinny Magazine?

With these images I offer you something beautiful to look at with no strings attached. 
My hope is that these images will take you away from the worries of your day, your clutter, your attempts to lose weight and your money struggles.

Just for a moment, stop working and worrying and rest in the miraculous simplicity of a bloom that never works or worries.

It just is.

On a personal note – Each time I step outside to photograph my garden, I am astounded at the simple miracle of each bloom. The form and function is mind-boggling!

I can often be found lying on the ground to get the shot I want. On day my daughter walked up on me asked in disbelief “What are you doing lying in the mud?” How else would I get the shot?


Is there anything you love to do that takes you away from the worries of the day?


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