Mini-Tip: Declutter the sock drawer.

English: A photograph of a sock puppet made by me.

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During your favorite TV show, dump out your sock drawer. Match up all the mateless socks (that sounds so sad). Donate the rest to an elementary school or Goodwill charity to be used for making sock puppets

This is a great project to delegate to a spouse or child.

Then return your matched socks to their home in an orderly fashion.
Use your own method or try one of the ideas below. 

Personally, I’m a dumper. I match the socks then dump them all in a single sock drawer for each person.

But if you have nicer socks than me or just want to see them looking nicer, take a look at the organizers I found.

I especially love the sock organizers for the washing machine. 

If you want to make your own sock puppets, here’s a handy guide!


Where DO those runaway socks go anyway?

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