Week Four: Forget about losing weight.

Assume, for a moment, that you plan to never lose another another ounce of fat for the rest of your life.
Are you thrilled? Relieved? 

You can eat whatever you want and plant yourself on the sofa like a couch potato! Right?


If you never lose another ounce, there ARE three lifestyle changes you must make…not for weight loss, but to make the most of your days on this earth.

Your challenge for this week is to forget about losing weight and begin these lifestyle changes TODAY – not to make the scales go down…just for a better life.

Eat healthy.

You know the drill here. 


  • More fruits and vegetables. 
  • Less white bread, white rice, pasta…white anything. 
  • Less bad fats. (Like trans-fats found in processed foods…cakes, doughnuts, and snack foods.) 
  • More good fats (olive oil)


  • All those colors deliver a boatload of vitamins, minerals and fiber that may protect you from chronic diseases. Click here for more on that.
  • Good fats won’t clog your arteries like trans-fats can.
  • Haven’t you heard the saying, “The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead!”


  • Track how many fruits and veggies you eat in a day.
  • Don’t get complicated, just a tick mark on a white board or notepad.
  • Track each serving of draining white food you eat with an “X”. (If you’re real creative, draw a skull and crossbones.)
  • Aim for more tick marks than X marks each day
  • Get good nutrition for the day. Don’t even THINK about losing weight yet.

Get strong.

Keep this simple.


  • Pick 2 or 3 movements that make you stronger.
  • Two good ones are situps and squats. 
  • Stay strong. make just these two movements a daily habit.
  • If you are able to do pushups, add those too. 
  • Start out with wall pushups. Work your way to the floor. Remember, If you’re a girl you get to do the girlie pushups.


  • You loses 8% muscle mass each year after age 40. You don’t have to. As you grow older, you don’t have to become a weakling.
  • These movements make you strong in your thighs, arms and core (deep in your belly), making it easier to lift babies, small children, stacks of books & groceries.
  • By strengthening these parts of your body you help prevent injury to other parts of your body.


  • Here’s a how-to for squats. 
  • And a video of 2 moves for folks who don’t like situps.

Cut out ONE food.


  • You KNOW what food you must cut.
  • Why is that in your kitchen anyway?
  • It’s not good for your body or anyone else in your home.
  • Get the junk out of your kitchen!
  • Do you want your children to be reading Livin on the Skinny 40 yrs from now?
    I’ll be too old to write by then!


  • Lots of empty calories and bad fats
  • The white flour and sugar actually drain B vitamins from your diet.
  • Leaves you feeling drained and craving more of the same.
  • Why would you eat 3 Chessman cookies when you could have cottage cheese with enough protein to fill you up til the next meal and give you the brain power to win a game of chess?


  • In the words of Nike, “Just do it!”
  • Take the offending agent to the garbage can outside. Toss it in!
  • Don’t feel you have to finish off that package of cookies first.
  • There’s real power in opening the bag and dumping the contents into the garbage Trust me! I know of what I speak…

Making these three lifestyle changes will improve your health, prevent illness and injury, improve your mood and make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams! {ok, maybe not the weathy part..}
Even if you never lose another ounce of body fat.


Will you take the challenge this week?


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