Do have ONE decent outfit to excercise in?

1. Treat yourself well. Move! {Excercise.}

2. Treat yourself well. Don’t wear a cast off Tshirt and pants with holes to workout in.

3. Have at least one decent looking outfit to wear when you workout.

4. Here are the requirements for “decent looking”:

  • No holes. 
  • No stains.
  • It must fit.
  • It must match.

5. Try these spots for activewear you can buy online for a wide range of prices, varying sizes, lots of colors.


I love Land’s End. Great service and high quality! You can order 2 or 3 sizes and return what doesn’t fit. No questions asked. Activewear for women & activewear for men.


Walmart is great for low prices. I didn’t find much online, but I recently saw a nice display of workout wear on my way to produce.


Target offers a middle ground between Land’s End and Walmart. Lots of style in their cute activewear for women!


Will you treat yourself well and get yourself ONE decent workout outfit? 

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