Week 5: Pick a fun movement {excercise} and do it every day!

Salsa dancing I hate the word excercise.
It conjurs up images of jumping jacks, endless crunches or marathon running.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply stay healthy as you glide into middle age (or older age?)…moving is good for you.

It’s good for your body, your metabolism, your mood. 

A little detour here on mood.

The smart folks over at Harvard Medical School say this: “Regular excercise can improve mood in people with mild to moderate depression. It also may play a supporting role in treating severe depression.

..the swiftest response occurred in the group taking antidepressants, and .. it can be difficult to .. to exercise when you’re depressed.”

Two things:

  1. Have you seen a doctor since the day you were born? See one before you start a movement program…please.
  2. If you think you might be depressed, you probably are. If you are too depressed to get out of bed to do some moving, see your doctor…please.

Livin on the Skinny Journey So, the challenge for your journey is to pick a movement and do it every day!

What kind of movement?
Think outside the box.


  • Salsa dance lessons {Get an insider’s look at MY basic Salsa step here. >}
  • gardening…vigorous
  • walk your dog
  • walk your neighbor’s dog
  • turn on great music and DANCE!
  • clean your home REALLY fast…work up a sweat
  • take the stairs at work
  • walk through the zoo quickly (then look at your favorite animals)
  • walk your baby in a stroller
  • walk a friend’s baby (give them a break)
  • workout class with a bunch of friends
  • take tennis lessons
  • play tennis
  • swim (only if you know how to swim)
  • walk instead of drive

Kill two birds with one stone.

Do something you enjoy while on the excercise bike, treadmill or some other boring piece of excercise equipment.


How long do I have to move?
Are you badly out of shape?
Start for only 5 minutes. (1 minute if you need.) 
Every other day, increase your time by 1 minute. I promise, you won’t even notice it!

Are you already a little athletic? Still…keep your movement time to 30 minutes. Just ramp up the intensity during that time. Go faster..move more!

An hour of movement (excercise) each day is ideal.
That hour can look like an unclimbable mountain, so start with 30 minutes.

Anyone can squeak out 30 minutes a day for themselves.


Will you take the challenge?
What fun movement will you do?

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