Measure, measure, measure!

Journey Challenge: 

1. Pick a day and time of the week to weigh yourself.
Then weigh ONLY once a week. NOT once a day. Same day, same time.

2. Using an ordinary tape measure, measure your chest (at the widest part), waist and hips (yep, widest part, again). 

Use this detailed guide from LIVESTRONG.COM to help you.

{Don’t have reliable bathroom scales? Ask your doctor if you can use theirs for a quick weigh-in once a week.}

Based on my own experience, body measurements show progress in “eating right” much more dramatically than body weight.

When I finally lost some weight after our big house move and decluttering, I decided to check my measurements just to see IF I was getting smaller. You could have knocked me over with a feather!

I had lost INCHES! 

That just spurred me on to keep working towards my goal.

One mistake I had made was not writing down my weight at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I had no idea how many pounds I had lost. I assumed not many. I assumed incorrectly. Probably another reason I was so shocked at my success with the tape measure!

So, when you take your first measurements and weight, be sure to write them on a card and stick it on the bathroom mirror.

Life is better with less.


Will you take the challenge?


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