Watch that waistline at your Super Bowl Party {or ANY party!}

Parties are hard for those of us watching the waistline.
If you’re one of us or you just want to eat healthy, try these tips.

  1. If it’s YOUR party, don’t make food the centerpiece of the day. Have some games to play during half-time or commercials. {Oh, those famous Super Bowl commercials!}
  2. Eat before you go.
  3. Bring your own appetizer to the party – preferably something slimming (or good for you).
  4. Munch on the veggie tray but don’t touch the dip.
  5. Don’t be hanging around the food table.
  6. Sit in a different room, if possible.
  7. Keep your hands busy (so they can’t hold a plate)
  8. Hold a glass of water (sip continuously). Guzzle if you must.

This always works for me. Periodically, yell “go Dawgs.”
There IS no team playing called “Dawgs.” Guests will be concerned for you and will insist that you lay back with a cool rag on your forehead. This will make it very difficult to make your way to the snacks.
There is another alternative. Make this a cheat day and eat what you want…within reason. Just don’t eat like a Sumo wrestler.

Warning: Only use the cheat day option if you are able to recover quickly and get back to eating healthy afterwards.

What’s your strategy at parties? Avoid food, eat healthy or go all out with a cheat day?


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