A nifty list of the official “Journey Challenges” to date.

These are “just-getting-started” Challenges. 

Now’s your chance to look back and see one you may have missed
or take a breather and forge ahead!

Journey Challenge #1
Dream of what you want your life to look like.

A primer on how to dream.
Set some time apart. Spend some time alone.

Journey Challenge #2
Declutter: Hang a plastic grocery bag on every doorknob in your home.

Journey Challenge #3
The Empty & Sort method of decluttering.
At one time, I can remember wishing my garage would burn down because I was so overwhelmed by the boxes stacked to the ceiling. 
Not a method I would recommend for decluttering.

Journey Challenge #4
Forget about losing weight.
Let’s say you plan to never lose another another ounce of fat for the rest of your life. There are still great reasons to eat healthy.

Journey Challenge #5
Pick a fun movement {excercise} and do it every day!
Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply stay healthy as you glide 
into middle age (or older age?)…moving is good for you.

Journey Challenge #6
Guarantee you’ll excercise first thing in the morning.

Journey Challenge #7
Come up with at least ONE decent excercise outfit. 

Journey Challenge #8
Measure, measure, measure!
Pick a day and time of the week to weigh yourself.
Then weigh ONLY once a week. NOT once a day.

Journey Challenge #9
Eat light when you’re on the run.
Take these 3 things with you anytime you’ll be away from 
the safety net of your fridge stocked with healthy food.

So…no new Journey Challenges this week!

How’s your journey going so far?

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