Mini-tip: Why do I still have this thing?

This is so simple.
Many of you will laugh. Some of you may nod knowingly. Some may roll your eyes.

Do you have something lying around that you just don’t need anymore?

For some unknown reason, I have never thrown this away!

It is the old container for a dental brux guard I haven’t seen in 2 years. I am fairly certain my dog ate it. {The dentist said dogs love these things.}
What can we eat next?

We are past the time of thinking it might “turn up.” I had a new one made. So why do I still have the container sitting out in the open, taking up precious space, on my dresser?

The answer: I don’t know.

Maybe sheer lethargy. Maybe it has become invisible to me as it sat on the dresser for so long.


Do you have something you’re holding on to for no known reason? Make us nod knowingly.
Share it in the comments.

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  1. absolutely! my house is filled with them and the reason is Time and figuring out what fantastic thing to do during any time to myself! Throwing something out isn’t at the top of the list too often! But I hope to do some more of it in the next 2 days! thanks for reminding me!:)

    • Glad to be of service {reminding you!} Some things don’t take alot of time. Just pick them up and throw away! Some things we have sitting around are so simple that they appear hard… Good luck! ~Karen

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