Stuck on the journey? Try dreaming again.

Motivation is the most important part of your journey.
And dreaming is the path to your motivation.

If you have no clearly defined motivation, you can declutter your entire home, set up a budget, and lose that last 15 pounds but, trust me, none of it’s gonna last.

Lay a good foundation by finding motivations that works for YOU. 

How is dreaming the path to motivation?

  • Dreaming of how you want your life to look gives you motivation to carry out the work to reach your destination.
  • You cannot even THINK about getting where you want to go if you cannot SEE where you want to be.
  • Own a good reason to clean out that attic or linen closet, change your spending habits, move more and eat healthier. Do not charge headlong into this journey without a good reason (motivation) to shake things up.

What should I dream?

  • SEE in your dreams the way your rooms will look, the way YOU will feel spending money, the way you feel balancing your checkbook (and not seeing any bounced check charges.) 
  • See, in your dreams, what you want.
  • For example, I have a friend who wants to clear out her garage so she has space for a sewing business. Her dream of having a “room of her own” is what keeps her going when she feels overwhelmed with young children.
  • If you imagine your money and spending under control, what does that look like? What do you see yourself doing at the grocery store, at the mall. Do you even SEE yourself at the mall?
  • When you go to open your linen closet what do you see in your dreams? Are linens falling on your head forcing you to sort the King size from the Queen size A-G-A-I-N. Or do you SEE neat stacks of only the most needed linens clearly labeled.
  • How do you see your family room? Do you see your family sitting around a table playing Monopoly? Or do you see yourself picking through piles of clothes, looking for a shirt to wear.

Make a list from your dreams to refer to throughout your journey.
This list will serve as your roadmap (cues) to keep you on track.

Here are some examples of my personal dreaming.

  • I have a sofa that stays covered in paper stacks. Every time I want to sit down, I feel frustrated by the clutter. I feel overwhelmed by the papers that have built up. 

    When I DREAM about that sofa, I see it completely clear of clutter. Only one pretty pillow sits perched in the middle. NOW, I feel a sense of peace and relief and relaxation. 
    These feelings become part of my motivation to get those paper stacks off of the sofa.
  • When I dream about having my spending under control, I feel a burden lifted from me. There’s my motivation…getting that weight off my shoulders.
  • When I dream about eating healthier, I feel more in control and confident.
    THAT, in turn, helps me eat healthier.
    (When I dream about eating cheescake, I usually eat cheesecake!)

sky's the limit! Dream anything for now.
The sky’s the limit! Don’t hold back.
Nothing is written in stone. You are allowed to change your mind over time.
You can always return to your written dreams and make adjustments.

What is one of your dreams for an organized life?

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