Do you want to see decluttering results quickly? Use the Box & Banish method.

Pick a room and breeze through the clutter with the Box & Banish method of decluttering!
 Here’s how you do it:

  1. Box all the clutter in a room.
  2. Banish it from the room. 
  3. {Stash the boxes in the garage or corner of another room.} 
  4. Immediately, you have a calm and relaxing room to live in. 
  5. As you have time, sort each box, one at a time. 
  6. Use the classic sorting method of give away, put away, throw away
  7. Bring back into the room only what is absolutely necessary. 

This method is great for anyone with small snippets of time rather than large chunks of time or anyone who craves the immediate gratification of a decluttered space.
Added bonus: It’s much easier to sort your clutter when it’s out of its usual environment. Suddenly you can SEE that you have 325 sweaters!
The extra nice part about Box & Banish Decluttering is this – if you need a break from sorting, take it. Just plan a date to get back to those boxes.

Here’s your Journey Challenge: Pick a room to declutter this week or weekend. That’s right…a whole room! {It can be a small room.}

Use the Box & Banish Method to have a calm, inviting living space quickly.


What space will you Box & Banish? More importantly, why???


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  1. Did this with 2 rooms this past week. Semi sorted as I boxed and put them in the storage building. Also have plans to added shelving down the middle of my storage building, invest in some clear storage boxes and get the building organized as well. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Wow. You are moving fast! Thank you too for the encouragement. You remind me that, sometimes, just getting started is key. Things keep rolling from there!

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