Are you worth as much as a Lamborghini?

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Do you have an eating plan?
Or do you just eat whatever’s in the fridge (if it smells ok)?

Do you wait til your starving then troll the kitchen…often ending up with take-out?

  • Imagine you own a Lamborghini. You paid about a quarter to a half a million dollars.
  • You care for that car like it was made of gold. (It may be!) 
  • You buy only the best oil for the engine. 
  • You pay someone to hand wash it carefully. 
  • You keep it covered when not driving it.

Now, imagine that YOUR BODY is a Lamborghini.
You are worth so much more! 

Treat yourself like an expensive, foreign car. You deserve it. You’re worth it.

If you put in good things, your body will repay you with better functioning and longer years. Aren’t you worth it?


Fill in the blank: I have been eating like I was a ___________ car.
{If i’m honest, I would have to say beat up VW bug…} 


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