One creative way to gift things when decluttering.

Wrap them up in a pretty bow and send them on their way!
Here’s how the scenario might look:

  • You are decluttering your book shelf and run across a decent looking book on needlepoint
  • You remember that your friend Nancy is teaching her daughter to needlepoint.
  •  Set that book aside in your gift away pile.
  • Tie a bow around the book. 
  • Attach a pretty note that says, “Thought of you when I saw this book and knew you would enjoy it! When it has outlived its usefulness to you, please pass it on.”

You accomplish 3 things:
A decluttered space.
Thoughtfulness to a friend.
Permission to your friend to let go of your treasure when they are ready.


What can you “gift away” to a friend this week?

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