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English: A RadioShack brand cassette recorder,...

English: A RadioShack brand cassette recorder, with built-in microphone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want less clutter in your life? Go paperless.

I’m talking about those those little scraps of paper that we keep crammed in purses or pockets or glove compartments filled with phone numbers, grocery lists and appointments.

Instead, keep a handheld tape recorder in your purse or your car at all times.

These recorders are fantastic! They come with several different channels, so you can keep a grocery list on one channel and the novel that you’re writing on another channel.

A handheld tape recorder is great for use in the car while you’re on the go. You can press the record button without having to look at the device.

When you arrive back at home base, pull any information you need from the handheld tape recorder and put it into your computer or date book.

If nothing else you’ll look very official, like you are reporting on a major news story.

View from the porch.

No more stressing over wadded up scraps of paper with important information, forever lost at the bottom of your purse or pocket. Spend that extra time in a rocking chair on your front porch.

(If you don’t have a front porch with a rocking chair, borrow a neighbor’s.)


Have you ever used a handheld tape recorder? Do tell!


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