Every weight loss story begins with a weight gain story.

We have been following the story of my friend and her phenomenal weight loss through healthy eating.

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Before every weight loss story is a weight gain story!
I asked my friend HOW she had gained too much weight.
One of the reasons she gave was that she was ignorant about food.
English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

English: McDonalds’ sign in Harlem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some days she ate a “snack” at McDonald’s.
  • Double Hamburger
  • Small Fries
  • Small Orange Drink

No cheese on the burger…we’re watching our weight!


She THOUGHT she was eating OK.
  • Lots of protein (2 hamburger patties)
  • Only ONE bun
  • No cheese
  • SMALL fries and soda
One day she looked up the nutrition facts on her “snack” out of curiosity.
All together, that double burger, small fry and small soda totalled…
!980 calories and 42 fat grams!
That, my friends, is enough to give anyone a heart attack… just reading it!
"Get fat on Lorings Fat-ten-u and corpula...

Color lithograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia

She freely admits that she was oblivious to the calorie and fat content of foods she was eating. She was properly shocked when she discovered what was in her “snack.”
She has changed her ways!
Go here to read more about it. And to join a group of us that are supporting each other as we follow her journey of Good Eats eating, head over here.
See the kind of victory you can have. Read it here.
Share one of YOUR reasons for weight gain.
{We all have them..} 
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