5 tools you need for the Good Eats Eating launch.

We are preparing to launch the Good Eats Eating plan.

IN SPACE - JULY 10:  In this handout image pro...

A launch is the beginning of the journey of a rocket. A long, long journey!
This is a launch, not a start. With every start, there’s an end.

This rocket ain’t comin’ back!

English: A tape measure. Deutsch: Massband

English: A tape measure. Deutsch: Massband (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a list of tools you need for the launch:

  1. A tape measure
  2. Decent bathroom scales
    {Support Livin on  the Skinny and get yours here in the sidebar. I use them and they are highly rated yet not highly priced.}
  3. A new way of thinking
    {Think…I want to be healthy. Not…I want to lose weight.}
  4. Some idea of HOW you gained weight
    {Fast food, menopause, injury, all of the above.}
  5. A piece of goal clothing
    {Something you might fit into if you lost 5-10 pounds.}

Good Eats by Livin on the Skinny was created to tell my friend’s story of weight loss and regaining health through Good Eats Eating (heathy eating.)

She has inspired me to pursue Good Eats Eating once again to reach the same goals.

Will you join us for the launch?
Here on on Livin on the Skinny & on the Facebook group?

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