The September Challenge | Declutter Your Kitchen & Make Room for Life!

You can declutter your whole kitchen or one tiny area…
  • the fridge (if you’re climbing over the milk to get to the eggs, call 911..)
  • drawers full of utensils (if you don’t know how to use it, donate it!)
  • pantry (is there food in there you haven’t seen since the trip to the grocery store?)
No need to feel overwhelmed, just get started!
Once you have decluttered just one area, the feeling of accomplishment will be so great that you won’t want to stop.
The four areas of Livin on the Skinny.

The four areas of Livin on the Skinny. (Photo credit: Livin on the Skinny)

And, when your whole kitchen is decluttered…
  • void of stuff you don’t use
  • full of clear spaces to cook or prepare a sandwich
  • a pleasant space to live in
Then, you will understand the slogan Make Room for Life!
There will be blog posts all month with the usual how-to tips…from me AND Livin on the Skinny Facebook readers.

Are you in? Would you feel better if your kitchen got a little decluttering?

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