31 Childrens’ Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Rooms of Your Home

Halloween Parade 2007

Halloween Parade 2007 (Photo credit: Boss Tweed)

It’s not too soon to think about children’s Halloween Costumes!

My young ‘uns are out of the nest so I’m sharing ideas from The Order Expert…cute ideas that won’t break the bank. Please, do we really need to spend twenty to thirty dollars on a lightweight, tacky Cinderella costume, never to be seen on Halloween again?

The only costume I wasn’t sure of is Number 14.
In my house, NO ONE is taking the plunger out of the bathroom!

Organizing Tip: 31 Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Rooms of Your Home

Countdown to Halloween! Every week this month I will be putting up a post related to Halloween and order. Be sure to check back each week for the latest installment in my Halloween mini-series… You never know where you might find a costume…

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  1. I always made my costumes. I was a nun one year and the people got nervous. thought it was real. I was Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde when I was about 20 or so. I was Ayla the cave girl when I was about 29 or 30. When I was in my early 20’s i was also jane of Tarzan and Jane. I have great photos of some of these! but my 19 yr old daughter loves to buy the whole expensive item. Luckily she works and can pay for it herself. Maybe I will help a bit. One year I made a great costume of an Ewok for my son that collected ewoks!! that was sooo fabulous!!When my daughter was little i bought ears and a tail and she wore a black angora sweater of mine with her face painted to have whiskers and she was an adorable cat around age 2!One son at age 2 1/2 was a great cowboy all handmade. and one was a fabulous soldier with his face painted with camaflage!made many frankensteins and vampires. a lot of fun! but my kids ( adult kids) and grandbaby love those costumes already made up!

    • My, my…very creative costumes! And you remember so many!! I love that line that people got nervous when you dressed like a nun one Halloween. Funny..

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