Stop the glorification of busy

Stop the glorification of busy. Just say NO!

We take a little pride in being busy, really busy, too busy. Maybe this validates us, gives us a sense of purpose, lets us feel there is value to our life. There’s alot to lose by being too busy.

What do we lose by having too much busy-ness is our life?

  • precious time with family & friends
  • a chance to simply think
  • a break from the noise of life
  • time to do something we really want to do, like take a class…or not
  • rest for our mind, body, soul
  • peace

What does busy look like?
Everyone knows the busy that looks like one of us running around like a chicken with our head cut off:

  • errands
  • meetings
  • phone calls
  • email
  • tending to family members
  • a friend’s crisis

That’s one kind of busy. Easy enough to stop. Well, maybe not easy.

There’s another kind of busy that has creeped up on us so quietly that we may not even be aware of it’s presence.

  • computer lights & noise & attention-grabbing
  • email dinging noises
  • cell phones that do everything but fry an egg
  • dare I say it? Facebook notifications
  • television
  • radio

Surprised? Try this. Take a day and notice how many times one of these intrudes into your mind, hearing, vision. Keep count. You’ll be amazed!

These aren’t bad things. They’re actually quite handy to have around. I wouldn’t be writing this blog without one of them. I’m not advocating going back to the stone age or joining the Amish for the remainder of our lives.

But each time you see, hear or have an encounter with one of these technological wonders, a little piece of you is tied up in a kind of busy-ness.

Add that to things that take over our lives from relationships and you’ve got a heckuva lot of busy!

How can we be less busy?

  • First, we stop the glorification of busy!
  • Stop treating  “I’m so busy” like it’s a badge of honor.
  • Allow others to say NO to your requests even if they don’t seem very busy.
  • Start practicing the Art of just Being.

Follow along for more Disciplines to Stop the Busy.

What’s your “busy” story? Share in the comments.

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  1. Pingback: Let's stop treating busy as a badge of honor

  2. I’m in the process of learning to say no. I used to try to cram a lot of meetings in a given week because I didn’t want to miss business opportunities, however, that left me tired and spending less time with my family. Now I look at time with my family, my workout time and spiritual time as precious. So, that means saying no to somethings where there is no (time) room. It’s hard, but I’m working on it.

    • Thanks Ebony for your words of wisdom. I learn something from my readers. I, too, must consolidate business to make room for the important.

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