Three ways to be ruthless to get out of debt faster

ive had it! What does ‘being ruthless’ mean? 

  1. Being ruthless means taking extreme measures.
  2. Being ruthless does not mean deprivation.
  3. Being ruthless can opens wonderful doors in life.
  4. Consider it a challenge! A game.

How will being ruthless help you get out of debt?
Being ruthless will speed the process so you can get on with living.

Three ways to be ruthless. And the hidden benefits.

1. I will buy no new clothes this year.
Even if the dog eats my underwear.
Even if ‘someone’ puts my clothes in the dryer and they are all child sized.

Hidden Benefits:

  • Let’s face it. There IS no hidden benefit.

2. I will cancel my cable/Dish/Netflix
I will survive.
I can overdose on television when I’m out of debt.

Hidden Benefits:

  • Furniture doesn’t all have to point in the direction of the family room god.
  • No need to wait for commercials to get a word in edgewise.
  • Less noise.
  • Longer walks with the dog.
  • Long Scrabble games in which I ruthlessly beat my opponent (pause for a moment of self reflection).

3. I will eat out less… A lot less. Or not at all.

Hidden Beneifts:

  • No risk of exposure to those yucky restaurant germs they talk about on the TV news occasionally.
  • No one will spit in my food.
  • Meals are destined to be much healthier.

What have I got to Lose? Absolutely nothing!
What have I got to gain? A lot.

Being ruthless will enable you to get out of debt faster.
The hidden benefits bring health, wealth and peace.
I am always looking for new ways to be ruthless.
I’ll share them as they come to me. 

Please share your ruthless ideas  in the comments below.

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