My Story

My Road to Livin on the Skinny

In the move we lost a lot.

* We went from a 2500 sq. ft. house to a 1400 sq. ft. “home” in 2007.
And we’ve never looked back!!

* We lost a ton of “stuff” to Goodwill, lost a huge yard that cost us many weekends of fun, family time & service, and we lost a big house that ate up our fun time time with cleaning and fixing. 

We gained even more!

 * We got our weekends back, a sense of well-being after being released from the burden of too much “stuff,” extra money in our pockets from a lower house payment. And, we can hear each other from anywhere in the house! 

 * Another revolutionary thing happened. I began to lose weight after struggling for many years. I believe there’s a direct correlation between the shedding of excess stuff and the shedding of excess pounds!

We discovered that life is better with less.

And so was born Livin on the Skinny!